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Clash Of Clan May Update Leak: Versus Mode Confirmed

17 May 2017

Hello Clashers this is one of the biggest update leak. Alot of Youtubers have confirmed including General Tony And Galadon that versus mode is coming to Clash Of Clans. I don't know how will it work but it will be totally different from friendly challenge. That is all I know till now so stay tuned to get latest news. Clash On!

Clash Of Clans May Update Release Date

17 May 2017

Hello guys Chief AHK is back with latest CoC news. Galadon confirmed on his YouTube channel that update is not coming this week. Hopefully it will release next week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Last teaser of update will be released tomorrow or day after tomorrow. So stay with us we will update you with latest news about new update. Clash On!

Clash Of Clans May 2017 Update: Boat Added To CoC

3 May 2017

Clash Of Clans released a teaser trailer few minutes ago and broken boat has been added to all villages.   This boat will start working after update is released. Currently this boat is just for teasing us. I gave my views about this boat in my previous post you can read them. Comment your views below. Clash On!

Clash Of Clans May 2017 Update: What Will Be Purpose Of Ship?

3 May 2017

Hey Guys, Chief AHK is back. As You all know that CoC is releasing new update soon. Biggest feature in that update will be ship. Everyone want to know the purpose of ship. I will be writing my views about the ship. I think this ship will take us to new village which will be more competitive. That village will have night mode which will look beautiful. And I think second village will give more loot. That is all I think. Share Your Views In Comment Section. Clash On! 

Clash Of Clans April/May 2017 Update Leaked. Night Mode Coming Soon!

30 Apr 2017

Hello Guys, Today I am back with new news. Night Mode has been confirmed! Now Clash Of Clans will look more realistic with this mode. Night mode was demanded by many clashers. Comeback tomorrow for more news. Clash On!

Clash Of Clans New Update Release Date

28 Apr 2017

Hello Clashers, We all are waiting for new update. Supercell didn't give any information about update till now and no one knows when it will be released. But I think new update will be released on 1st of May. So keep visiting us to get latest info about update. I tell you this will be a massive update. Clash On!

Town Hall 12 Coming In April 2017 Update?

24 Apr 2017

Hey Guys, Chief AHK is back with new news and sorry for late update I am busy nowadays. Some Clashers think that Town Hall 12 is coming in April 2017 Update they are wrong. Galadon one of the Supercell employ told that no Town Hall 12 or Level 13 walls are coming. So don't trust those who say that TH12 will be released in new update. Clash On!

Clash Of Clans April 2017 Update Will Be Biggest Update Of Ever

20 Apr 2017

Hello Clashers, I am back with new CoC news. Few minutes ago Clash Of Clans announced that april update will be biggest update ever. So stayed tuned with us we will post news about new update soon. Clash On!

Clash Of Clans: New Troops (April 2017)

6 Apr 2017

Hi Guys, Chief AHK is back with new news. Below I will share troops that will soon join Clash Of Clans. Executioner: According to new leaks Executioner might join Clash Of Clans. If this troop comes he will give us many new strategies. Executioner will usually work like Bowlers he will target two building at [...]

Clash Of Clans Massive Update Coming Soon (April 2017)

2 Apr 2017

Hi Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new news. As you know we haven't seen any big changes from past few months. But I think this month we can expect a massive update. Below I will share some rumors that are spreading on different websites and Youtube channels. Shipwreck Many Clashers and youtubers think that [...]

Clash Of Clans: Dragon Event

1 Apr 2017

Hello Guys, I am back with new news. Dragon Event   Dragon Event is back for second time. Enjoy Dragon Attacks With Just Little Cost. 90% training cost has been cut out.   Attack Strategies To Use:   You Can Using Following Combinations: Dragloon Attacks Mass Drags So enjoy dragon attacks for 2 days and [...]