Clash Of Clans Th8 Upgrade Priority June 2017

12 Jun 2017

Hello Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new guide. Today I am going to tell you what you should upgrade first at TH8. Many clashers don't know what they should upgrade first at new town hall. Labortary Of course labortary is most important building for every Town Hall level. Your first priority should be upgrading [...]

Clash Of Clans: Builder Hall Level 4 Best Attack Strategy

6 Jun 2017

Hey Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new guide. Are you losing attacks in builder base? Are you stuck on low trophies? Then this is best guide for you. I was suffering when I upgraded my BH to level 4. I was stuck on low trophies because I was a bit rushed but now I [...]

Clash Of Clans Builder Base Guide

31 May 2017

As you all know Supercell gifted us with brand new base. This base is more competitive than main village. You need to know some tips to perfect your builder base. Make Good Base Design Most important factor in builder base is to make a good base design. Make a good base will stop you enemy [...]

Upgrade Priority For TH9 (2017)

15 Apr 2017

What to upgrade first is problem of every clasher so today i am going to guide you. Laboratory Laboratory is key to getting better. Without upgrade laboratory you can't get better troops in CoC. As a result you will fail to get 3 stars in war. So you priority should be laboratory. By upgrading laboratory [...]

Clash Of Clans: How To Get Loot

10 Apr 2017

Hello Clashers Chief AHK is back with new guide. As you all know without loot you cannot upgrade any buildings. Many clashers face loot problems when they upgrade their Town Hall to new level. If you have newly upgraded your Town Hall then this is right guide for you. First thing you should know is [...]

Write Clash Of Clans Guides For Our Website. Your Name Will Be Mentioned With Your Guide

10 Apr 2017

If you want to write Clash Of Clans Strategy Guides for us just send your guide to Your name will be mentioned with your guide.

Clash Of Clans Witch Guide

6 Apr 2017

Witch is dark troop and is available for unlocking at Town Hall 9. Witch is one of the most powerful troops if used correctly. Witch raises skeletons that are not very powerful but are useful. Description as mentioned in Clash Of Clans: The Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warrior from past battles to [...]

Why Clash Of Clans Can't Be Hacked?

6 Apr 2017

Many Clashers want to hack clash of clans. They search on google or they watch clash of clans hacking videos on youtube but all are fake. The hacking videos are usually fhx server videos. The truth is that Clash Of Clans can't be hacked. Reason As you all know, Clash Of Clans is a server [...]

Working Way To Get Free Gems

1 Apr 2017

  Hello Guys Today I am going to share a working way to get free Clash Of Clans Gems. So Keep Reading The Guide to get free COC gems. Step One: Download App Lucky Cash. Click Here to download the app. Remember you must download this app from given link to get some extra money.   Step [...]